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MBBS refers to the study of medical sciences which aim at imparting education and knowledge pertaining to medicine and diseases. The profession is satisfactory in terms of social prestige and the monetary gains for lifetime. Therefore, it has attracted a lot of medical zealots who undergo extreme hardships in preparing to qualify in such tough entrance exams. Moreover, ever since the government of India has permitted the private universities to administer certain valuable courses such as medical science and engineering, hence there have been numerous private universities in and around Delhi and other metropolitan cities.

But as a matter of fact and as a low side of such a scenario, there have been numerous private universities which are not even recognized by the UGC and other training boards of the government. But since their owners have been the mega businessmen hence they have setup large flashy buildings and offer other facilities but have not managed to seek authorization and proper recognitions. Therefore, if students undergo certain medical courses thereby, they are faced with big NO while trying to consolidate their medical careers as the degrees are not valid.

Here, we feel elated to pronounce that we have been the pioneers of digital consultancy in India as we have setup a web portal under the name www.admissionguidancedelhi.com. By accessing this portal, students can get satisfactory replies to majority of their questions such as which medical colleges are valid and recognized ones and which course to opt for certain stream and which guidelines are to be adhered to while pursuing certain course and so on. There have been mentioned various lists of medical and dental colleges and institute which have been registered under government ruling and hence which have truly been the Top MBBS Colleges in Delhi. Apart from this, there are certain colleges and educational institutions in Delhi which offer PAID admissions to MBBS on the basis of NRI quota. As such, if students fail to secure general admission into MBBS due to massive competition, hence they can still get it through this way. Our portal enlists the names of such colleges where such Paid admissions are easily granted and the degrees are recognized too.

Finally, our domain also includes question bank on wide range of topics and study fields and as such students can surely get smooth success by practicing them all. Last but not the least, we also provide psychologist consultancy as well for those who are tensed and a bit depressed by their usual study stress. Hence, students can seek services from well known psychologists for their mental upheaval and enhanced motivation.


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